Few Points to keep in mind before purchasing online

In the 21st century we have noticed a revolution for the online shopping industries. Specially with the concern of the pandemic situation that world faced due to Covid-19, not going in crowd and maintaining safe distance have even boosted the online shopping. It is very easy for anyone from any place to order any product of their choice from the online platform and get it delivered at their desired address. Online shopping have made easy for every one’s effort and also saves lots of time. Though it is the most convenient way to buy products, but still you should keep certain things in mind, otherwise your purchase can become a disaster and a worst nightmare for you. Please consider the followings before your make online purchase.

1. Security of the online shopping portal

Security! Security ! Security! You must always check the security of the web-portal that you are browsing. The portal containing https:// can be taken as a secured website. You can even check the certificate of SSL (Secure sockets layer) of the portal by clicking to the lock sign just before the url. A secured website actually means that the authority of the portal have made sure that the visitors of the website have security for them while browsing the website.

2. Privacy Policy of the website

Even if it is a renowned brand, you should always look though the privacy policy and terms & conditions of the website, before doing any online shopping. This will actually give you the idea whether the product or the service that the website is offering is genuine or not.

3. Shipping and Return Policy

Before making any online purchase, you should go through the shipping policy & delivery process that is mentioned. Also, you should read the return policy of the online shopping portal, otherwise it can happen that you made a purchase in a hurry, and after that you have to follow-up, or have to wait for weeks, months not getting the product or the refund. Please ready through the shipping and return policy before you make the decision of purchasing online.

4. The Product Page

You should not make any hasty decision in purchasing any product online, just because it’s looking nice or you are getting a big offer on it. You should always go through all the specifications of the products, description and other details provided by the seller before purchasing online. It may take time to go through the details, but your online purchases don’t embarrass you later.

5. Compare the Price

Always try to compare the prices of the products you select from the offline section (store) or from other similar portals. It will be benefited to you to get the best deal.

6. Product Reviews

By going through the product reviews (if available), you can at least get a brief idea about what the other buyers and users provide related to the products and services that the online shopping website provides. It will be easier for you to make decision.

7. Payment Method

For making any online transaction, you should consider all security measures, so that your important personal data are not misused by any chance. Firstly, you have to set a complex password for the account, then you should check whether the website is using a secured and trusted payment gateway. finally, you should not save you payment details data in any website. Where possible always use 2 factor authentication for your online transactions.

8. Support system of the online shopping portal

Last but not the least, you should look at before shopping online that, the level of support provided by the seller. There are thousands of online shopping portals, but very few are actually able to provide a proper support to the buyers. You can also raise a query about the support they provides. You can chat with the customer support, or email them, or whatsapp or phone them just to have a taste of their support system. Many sellers promote about their full time support, but it is being noticed that the customers get worried after buying online, as the so called sellers are unable to provide after-sales support.
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